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Undisclosed Desire

  Keith D'Ameron has wandered the world as a vampire for three hundred years, traveling through Europe and the East in search of something for which he has no name. Up until now, he has simply enjoyed what his world of the night can bring to him, but now he has come to Spain. Upon entering Seville, a heartbeat rises above the
rest of the thrumming pulses occupying the busy city, and something in its siren call urges Keith to investigate.

  The owner of this heartbeat, the vampire finds, is a beautiful young man named Javier Estas, and upon first sight - whether it is only for a night or for something more - Keith knows he must make the young man his own.

  Within the hour, Keith finds himself at sword-point in a tree-lined square, where he must make a decision between keeping his secrets intact or allowing himself to open up to another
human being for the first time in three centuries. 

  At first, Javier is hesitant, but Keith is not the only one lured on by something he cannot comprehend, and he finds himself captivated by the glimpses of Keith's world he sees every time he falls into the vampire's eyes. At last, he finds that he cannot continue to deny his undisclosed desire for Keith - and that he doesn't want to keep trying.


"Both Keith and Javier will steal your heart, keep you enthralled and introduce you to a view of vampires not seen before..."

"This is an amazing read! It totally catches you so that you have to read it all in one go! Love it!! Get it, read it, love it!! Very well written."

"Rich, full characterizations, well-described settings, and writing that draws you in and does not fail to deliver on its early promise make this a book well worth reading. And now, I'm off to read it again, savoring each detail once more. Or twice more."



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